Prose Alchemy

“Chris Nelson has been a magical wordsmith and mentor to me and my books.” ~ Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior

“Not only is he a skilled editor, but he’s a gifted mentor and coach. By working with Chris, I felt I had someone on my side who truly cared about my success.” ~ Sarah Kostin, author of You Are the Blue Sky

“I can not imagine what this process might have been for a first-timer like myself without his advice and mentorship.” ~ Curtiss King, recording artist, record producer and author





“Chris helped where I was struggling and gave me confidence to persevere in order to publish my first book. He has a wonderful way of keeping the whole editing process simple, with exceptional and successful results. I’d highly recommend him for his naturally gifted writing skills and equally for the soul connection, which brings joy to the entire journey.”
Linda Yim, author of The Tale of Little Wind

Welcome to Prose Alchemy, where we take the “base” material of a writer’s draft and turn it into gold on the page.

For over a decade I’ve helped writers give life to their creations.

I have an immense respect for the art of writing and for anyone big or small who puts pen to paper . . . or fingers to keyboard.

Beyond that, I am in awe of the creative process itself.

Writing is a transformative journey, a tool to explore ourselves and the world. 

Maybe you’re writing about business or coaching or self-help . . .

Maybe you’ve got a sci-fi opera or personal memoir that needs to see the light of the day . . .

Whatever the case, when you sit down to write you’re accessing the most powerful tool in the universe:

The human imagination.

You’re taking a deep dive into your own inner universe.

And that’s where all the good ideas come from.

It’s not just about getting the words right.

It’s about connection.

With readers . . .

. . . and with yourself.




It’s about discovering who you are.

And what you want to create in the world.

Because when you bring that to life–

. . . whether it’s a new business idea

. . . a new way of serving people

. . . a crazy-good fantasy that stretches readers’ imaginations

. . . a deeply felt, personal story 

–when you give birth to it, the whole world benefits.

If you want some company and guidance along your path to creation, let’s have a conversation.


“Writing definitely isn’t easy… though with Chris in my corner, it’s a hell of a lot easier!”
Michael Anderson
Author of The Experiment: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-Life Balance and Soul Centered Leadership

“Unlike any other editor I had interviewed, Chris was able to keep my voice intact as he helped me edit and polish my book.  He was able to help me see where I needed to add more to really drive a point home, where I needed to cut back as I was being redundant and where my flow was inconsistent and making it difficult for the reader.  In short, Chris was invaluable to getting this book published. I literally could not have done it without him.”
Dave Schwendiman
Coach and author of Selling from the Top of the Ladder: The Ultimate Sales Playbook